Friday, April 3, 2009

Video of flogging of 17-year-old girl in Pakistan

Pakistanti networks have aired a video showing a 17-year-old girl held down by two men while a third flogs her mercilessly. This has lead to widespread public outcry and forced the government to order an investigation into the flogging, believed to have been perpetrated by the Taliban. You can watch the video and read the Guardian article here.

If the video shocks you, you should know that public flogging is carried out in the Maldives too. The victims are overwhelmingly women and girls, and there has never been a public call for an end to the practice or any attempt by Maldivian parliamentarians to outlaw it. Ibra's much hyped bill, which proposes 16 years as the age of consent, will not protect victims of child sexual abuse from this cruel and degrading practice either. 

The UN system, likewise, has remained silent on the issue, even though public flogging would contravene a number of international conventions signed by the Maldives.


Anonymous said...

The UN is a hypocritical organisation which promotes the self-interests of only the strong.

Maldives is now a Taliban-controlled government, so expect to see more floggings of girls in future.

Of course, don't expect any men to be flogged. Even though President Anni drank Sula shiraz, the courts failed to look into the case and have him flogged. If you look at Maldives law, any man or woman who is proven to drink alcohol has to be flogged.

So why not start with Anni if our judiciary system is actually following Islamic Sharia as claimed by the Islamic Ministry and the Government.

Anonymous said...

This should convince everyone that Islamic Sharia is the worst thing that ever happened to Muslims, especially women.

The Maldives government should immediately get rid of this barbaric Stone Age Sharia and instead implement modern forms of punishment which does not include such degrading and barbaric violent practises.

Anonymous said...

it's one of the most basic forms of punishments in islam, so who's going to have the guts to talk against flogging when we have created an atmosphere in which anybody who publicly criticizes any islamic teaching is labelled anti-islamic? and we all know how insecure muslims tend to be on their faith, so they go to extreme lengths when there is an infidel to take care of.

Warm Pixels said...

That vedio has all the contents of soft porn, which I'm sure all the segregated pakistani islamic men enjoy and shoot their wads off to.

The horrific thing about what I just said is that it is more or less true to the rest of the world.

I am sorry about the UN organizations, which more or less has had to work through the government. It is very easy to point fingers without thinking about the bureaucracy they go through, which can be worse than the Maldivian government. But yes, there are holes.

Maybe you can think of advocacy TO the UN instead of FROM. Or maybe an enquiry into the UN Maldives submitted to headquarters. What I'm trying to say is, stop the crying and the whining, and do something about it.

Instigating public outcry is not going to get the right people to think in the right way. Neither would an essay or an article, which would still be largely open to interpretation, like the Adaalath's doing to the Quran, and is going to be dismissed like the newspapers lining bird cages.

A signed petition to the UN headquarters or something along the lines is what I have in mind.

It's time to act.

Anonymous said...

If Muslims are insecure about their faith, does this mean that there is a problem with Islam? That it's a fake religion? That's why this insecurity is there because it's hard to believe in such a false religion? Then wouldn't it be better if we just let go of this fake religion and revert back to a more natural and peaceful and believable 'religion' like Buddhism?

Anonymous said...

Like I've been saying; Islam is the ploy by which Saudi Arabia and its neighbouring Arabs leech the lesser Muslims in the world. After all able muslims spend whatever they can save on some silly Umra or Hajj, in which they shave their balls n twats, and get dragged through conditions that can be equated to hell, in their silly loincloths.
Alas, Maldives getting out of this nightmare called Islam is so unlikely, ever.

Anonymous said...

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