Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's ok to keep unclothed slave women, say Adhalath

In their weekly TV Show Thedhu Magu (The Right Path), aired after 6pm on TVM yesterday, Adhalath's Abdul Majeed Bari and Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, respectively minister and state minister of Islamic affairs, may inadvertently have admitted their support for the "jaria", or sex-slaves tradition. 

Speaking of women's clothing, a topic so popular among Adhalath sheikhs that people have wondered if they are closet cross-dressers, Bari said Islam made it compulsory for women to "cover their nudity" upon reaching puberty. Moderator Saeed then interrupted to qualify Bari's reference to women as "free women", meaning those that are not free can remain unclothed. 

This extraordinary exchange to me is highly revealing of the attitudes of these two men. At best it suggests impunity to the custom of keeping sex-slaves. At worst, it's an attempt to indirectly normalise and, indeed, promote the tradition. It seems to me that for Bari and Shaheem not only is it ok for men to enslave women, but they can also keep postpubescent girls naked around the house.

Continuing with the theme of women's clothing, Bari equated "covering nudity" with veiling, but failed to mention that the issue was highly contested by scholars. He then appeared to call for the mainstreaming of girls uniforms worn in the madrassas Mauhadh and Arabiyya.

Bari also said Islam required girls to be brought up to help their mothers in domestic chores, to mould them to the role of the mother in latter life. A women's role, he stressed, was that of a mother.

TVM, which infamously gave free airtime to Salafi preacher Bilal Philips to voice pro-child abuse sentiments, is giving Adhalath a free reign to spread Wahhabism and misogynist propaganda. In addition, the sheikhs have also taken over a host of other TV and radio channels. Adhalath preachers also control the Friday sermon, the largest congregation of Maldivian males. Meanwhile, their partners in crime Jamiyathul Salaf produces countless CDs to be played in taxis and in mosques across the country. 

In November, parliamenterians from across the parties joined forces and vowed to fight violence against women. But no MP is challenging the religious right's continuation of its misogynistic agenda, probably the single-most important factor leading to the hatred, discrimination, and violence of women. With such powerful fueling, it's not surprising that the Maldives has some of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. And, there's no sign of things getting any better.

The vast majority of Maldivians voted President Nasheed in to get rid of dictator Gayoom and to usher in a new era of democracy. But by giving Adhalath a ministry of its own to monopolise Islam and to spread misogynist Wahhabi propaganda at will, Anni is seriously compromising the democratic aspirations of his core support base.

The only thing that has remained consistent in Anni's first year as Maldives president is the sustained assault on democracy, free media, and human rights by Bari and Shaheem, along with their proxies Jamiyathul Salaf (or is it the other way around?)

Note: Please call TVM on 3000428 and ask for a recording of yesterday's Thedhu Magu, analyse it carefully, and confront them if you are concerned. State media is answerable to the public. To raise the issue, also call:

Ministry of Health and Family's Gender Department: 3323687
Ministry of Islamic Affairs: 3323623


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

'Continuing with the theme of women's clothing, Bari equated "covering nudity" with veiling'

'Meanwhile, their partners in crime Jamiyathul Salaf produces countless CDs to be played in taxis and in mosques across the country'

true statements

But this one??-
" With such powerful fueling, it's not surprising that the Maldives has some of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. And, there's no sign of things getting any better." - what a load of crap.

Seems to me you're also spreading your own propaganda whichever way..generalizing everything on their side so you could equate islamic doctrine on womens modesty as the anti-thesis of a woman freedom to be as she wills(the right to walk halfnaked on the road- thats me generalizing) seems just like a cowardly attempt at channeling ur anger at seeing so called religious scholars wanting us to wear half-trousers and long beards.

what is democracy anyway??...i suppose u want this democracy eh-

Anonymous said...

And they don't seem to be remotely ashamed of their backward, dogmatic, disgusting ideas they put up in public.

Maria said...

And things seem to be getting worse, not better. i remember two yrs ago, when i was working in media, we were cautioned against letting fundamentalists preach on air. Within such a short span of time, things have changed so much that that is all we see/hear.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse mainstreaming of such sentiments contribute to violence against women. AS for the comment about what is democracy. why evade the issue of violence against women by invoking philosophical questions about what democracy is. Degrading women in to slaves or domestics and making them mere beasts of burdens is the fundamental premise of justifying violence against them. Is it so hard to add the two and two together?

Mukhamed said...

Who says anybody is trying to evade the issue of violence against women?

In Which way might I invoke the question of 'democracy'??

YES lets abolish Islam from Maldives, and violence against women will fade into the ages. Naive or predictably arrogant, or might I say 'westernized'

Clearly my understanding of this issue is too singular.
Must be why i find it very hard to add a woman's desire to be chaste with a woman's 'right' to be naked on the road.
Was that philosophical enough for you?

"Degrading women in to slaves or domestics and making them mere beasts of burdens is the fundamental premise of justifying violence against them."

Yeah? degrading women into becoming sexual objects, so the little misfits in Male' could dress obscenely for our mutual pleasure.. want me to go on..

Propaganda must also be a universal human right, tis why neither side fails to blow its horn, and still claim the pulpit of righteousness- be it of religious resort or political correctness.

A woman has as much right to clothe herself in a black tent as much as she has the right to go about half-naked, irrespective of indoctrination whichever way, understand?
That there are those on the freedom farce who claim to be liberating women from the clutches of 'alien' garments As are those on the ritual mantra (as a sure-fire-way to heaven), is as obvious as the reasons for this hypocritical western cacophony that considers itself no less imperielistic than when they had embarked on a 'civilizing mission' of the uncivilized world!

Let them acknowledge their own human rights records, ON WOMEN, this a civilization which did not grant suffrage to women till 60yeras ago. Show me this bastion of women rights in the western world beyond the right to wear lingerie on the road and be fok-toys to each other?

What is democracy i wonder? the democracy in France for example, that has constitutionally banned Muslim women from wearing headscarf??

Clearly there is a need to come to terms with the proliferation of pseudo-divine religious rancor, but only if its to be understood from the point of view of a diminutive 'primitive' population that has failed to grasp the essence of any wholesome ethos- be it Islamic or 'democratic'

But please don't give this 'beast of burden- we in the west are so free' crappiola as the nexus of the argument justifying the 'rights' of the stunted little bastards in Maale to be 'brangelinas'...

You wanna talk about violence against women and addressing them- stand on a platform that speaks truth & propaganda, intent & information, for what it is...

Else live with Adhalath as your parents, while generations are lost to cocain, abortions, juvenile delinquency, alcohol (oooh Dj's); a bunch of short statured retarded Neanderthals clothed in Hollywood.

Whatha fok is democracy?
If i was a US citizen and i wanted to become its President, could i?

"amayaai" is my real response to ur response


Anonymous said...

Hey Mukammad.

An interesting response to my post :)

Lets look at your statement below.

'A woman has as much right to clothe herself in a black tent as much as she has the right to go about half-naked, irrespective of indoctrination whichever way, understand?'

What makes you think I disagree with you? I completely agree. And what makes you think that I think that the French are the epitome of a democratic society? Hahaha!

You assume too much. Both about me and the west. Good luck!

Mukhamed said...

So, we can now Agree on a working definition of what "generalization" or stereotyping means?

So which nation or which ideology, to be more precise, would you say is the perfect epitome of 'democracy'??
What then is the distilled definition of this elusive concept that is 'democracy'?..
What sublime ideals are you then in pursuit of when you speak of democracy??

What one might wonder, do we make of the many 'democratizing' NGO's that lecture us and dictate to us what might be the supremely sublime features of a 'democracy?
Maybe they should direct their pretentious self-righteous BS to the greater European subcontinent and the civilized western world?

So if the perfect epitomes of sublime democracies are lacking, maybe we should not get ahead of our selves and start bashing cultural values and a faith that means something to many, esp when the audience fares no better than glorified chimpanzees who develop hardons whichever attire a women is dressed in.

Democracy is mob rule, liberalism is 'sex& the city', as far as these little mutts are concerned.

We had better, then be careful of what we blurt out, cos the right to have Djs is not a reason good enough to lock up adaalath.
And the Reason for domestic violence sure as hell ain't Islam.period

Violence against women, child abuse, drug abuse etc; VIOLENCE is a social issue that needs to be addressed within the framework of NOT just religion alone. You think its religion that compels a guy to smuggle a stash of heroin into Maldives, or a guy to hit his gf??

You want to get rid of the shackles of adalath, better come up with a better definition of democracy, or a better example to follow..

So long as you keep blaming Religion (or rituals, as is the scholarship of Islam today), Violence against Women & Children & Expatriates will proliferate in this Maldives.
It is in effect a petri-dish marinating on our indifference and our refusal to see beyond blame.


cheers mo fren

Anonymous said...

'Degrading women in to slaves or domestics and making them mere beasts of burdens is the fundamental premise of justifying violence against them.'

SS said...

Mukhamed, I am in total agreement with you. I think you said it all when you termed us a "diminutive 'primitive' population that has failed to grasp the essence of any wholesome ethos- be it Islamic or 'democratic'"

Question is, how can we develop that environment - for me the epitome of freedom and democracy is the one Tagore described in Gitanjali:

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls
Where words come from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward into ever widening thought and action.."

How do we get there?

M.Dejoker said...


how indeed.

Yodam Mmigli said...

Beautiful quote.. looking forward to rendezvous on such fair shores :)

moyameehaa said...

no surprise there. i put adhaalath party at 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most extreme alqaeda type). well...they are actually the same...the approach is different. adhaalath is political wing, salaf is activism and missionary work...dotcom is the military wing. the ultimate goal is to establish an islamc emirate in maldives...which would become part of the global islamic caliphate that will conquer and enslave rest of the world...according to prophecies they believe in.

before coming to power...shaheem have called openly for the obligation of joining the militant movements of the ummah...or atleast some of them.

now they are above all authority....the constitution says a lot about islam and islamic and muslim...but it never defines any of these. there is no institution with a mandate to define these. but we are supposed to follow this, protect this... and also, it can override and influence to max; judiciary,legislature and judiciary powers.. this powerful force known as 'islaandhee' or 'islaamee shariah' have been given to adhaalath/salaf wahhabi groups.nobody have any problem with this it seems. also, the fourth estate (media) is controlled and influenced by this power. and yet we call this a democracy.seriously wtf!?

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaagh!!! it needs to stop.. these ppl they dont even kno wat they are talkin about..they are all puppets... and yet evryday they preach as if these words are divine.. when will they learn all religions are fictional... it has no use watsover anymore.. it's doin more harm and keepin the ppl trapped in fear.. abraham said there was one GOD and the old pagan GODS were obsolete, isnt it time we did one better and said there is no GOD. Reason and Rationality makes more sense then those stupid fathuwas.. poor fools..

Anonymous said...

Oh Bari, Shaheem, Saeedh and the rest of ur misguided cronies. What the hell is wrong with you?

Islam, as i know and practice is a peaceful, respectful and kind religion. I grew up hearing the word "kafir" and all sort of disrespect towards non believers. But my research and understanding of Islam tells me the opposite. To love and respect mankind. To peacefully invite ppl into our religion. Muslims are only to be in a state with the ppl who are against war with them.

So wht the hell is this disrespect? Is sex all you perverts can think of? Our Prophet adviced men like you to "fast" (abstain from eating, drinkin, sexual pleasures and concentrate in prayers). I think its time you ppl in Adaalath and Jamiyathul Salaf started fasting and remembering Allah instead of fantasizing abt Jariyas.

May Allah guide you on the right path

thesacredone said...

The adhaalath are just haters who are too stubborn to listen to anybody who has any views which conflict with their own. People blindly believe what these mullah extremists say each and everyday in this country without learning and researching about their own religion! I mean, you are following a religion, so, why dont you learn about it yourself, and if you dont really understand particular aspects, get opinions from many sources. Just one source is not enough, and then decide for yourselves! Adhaalath are bullshit! I remember seeing on tv where the cameraman was taking pictures of a prison somewhere. On the walls: Guns, bazookas and statements which prove that extremists are living side by side with us everyday. And who supports these extremists? Adhaalath and their secondary branch Salaf.

Anonymous said...

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Punk clothing, which was at first hand-crafted, became mass produced and sold in record stores and some smaller specialty outfitters by the 1980's..

"I'm still looking for an Oscar dress.".

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"I like to try it all, from edgy to minimalism," says Nieto.

TIP: For a more slimming silhouette, stay away from horizontal lines, look for vertical or diagonal striped garments, especially to go in the smallest parts of your body; this means, if you're heavier on the hips, wear stripes on tops and blazers and vice versa; if you're smaller on the bottom and have larger bust, do choose an edgy pair of striped skinny pants or even horizontal striped skirts.

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