Friday, November 25, 2011

India should slap a travel ban on intolerant Maldivians

India should draw a list of Maldivian organisations and individuals voicing intolerance towards SAARC monuments and slap a travel ban on them.

For now they would include the Islamic Minister, members of the Adhalath Party, Jamiyathul Salaf, and Gayoom and the members of his Progressive Party. The elections commission should be able to make public the members of Adhalath and the Progressive Party.

It would also be easy to identify many of these people as they are spouting intolerance in public, all that is needed is a rudimentary research into the press and the media since the SAARC summit.

Other SAARC countries and, indeed, all decent, progressive nations should also draw a list of bigoted Maldivians and ban them from entering.

This might be an effective (and only) way of sending the message across to bigots in the Maldives that if they want to travel to other countries they should learn to be tolerant of other cultures first.


Anonymous said...

hehe goruves hendeyne.

Anonymous said...

yes, that would teach them a lesson.

moyameehaa said...

yeah. datd do the trick. the world needs to know what lies behind this moderate muslim facade. tourists too need to know.

or we can take this to the extreme. push to ban everything they say is haraam. even selling alcohol.

demm ahum said...

currently taking the first steps in identifying how intolerant Maldivians are - got a page started yesterday
check it out

Anonymous said...

if you son of bitches cant tolerate this being a Muslim Country we dont have to tolerate you.

Anonymous said...

kaley goru hadan veenu.

Anonymous said...

Hilath, Kaley buria nujehigen dho thi thelhi baalanee. keekey dhen bunaanee. kaley bafaa buria jahaabala nagoobalhu!