Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gadhdhoo council subjects three women to physical examination

Haveeru is reporting that three Gadhdhoo women were subjected to pregnancy tests and physical examinations to verify whether they had given birth recently, after suspicion that the recent newborn found in a garage in Thinadhoo might have belonged to one of them.

However, similar tests are not carried out on men in the Maldives, despite a fair number of pregnancies out of wedlock and, in some cases, women naming the men they had had sex with. A simple DNA test could prove paternity and, in turn, ensure men contributed their share for the upbringing of children they father.

It remains to be seen if the human rights commission of the Maldives makes a statement against this gross violation of the rights of women on Gadhdhoo.

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Yaamyn said...

Yes. This is pretty pissing off.

I don't know why these bumbling idiots cannot grasp the idea that we're past one decade into the 21st century.

Absolutely outrageous.